Kate Brzezinski

Socialite hacker


Pretty girl in her mid-twenties with eccentric clothing style, dyed hair, and a hell of a cocky smirk.

Online known as Whisperwind.


Katarzyna ‎Elżbieta Brzezinska was born 3 minutes before her brother Content Not Found: grzergorz, so she always considered it her duty to remind little Grzesio that she was the older one.
Playing or fighting, the twins were pretty much inseparable all throughout the childhood, often devising pranks on other children. It got a bit more complicated when she started having coughing fits, later diagnosed as asthma. Maybe even more than ever the grew closer as Gz (how she called him when little as she couldn’t pronounce correctly full name) always was her guardian, never letting anyone have a joke at her expense. Still, Kate started spending more time indoors trying not to trigger her complications as she dreaded the inhaler, which kids made fun off.
Wanting to enlighten her days inside, their parents (Bronislaw and Melissa) spent most of their savings to get their household a computer, which soon became Kate’s main and primary hobby. Money problems and general stress induced by the sickness negatively affected their parents’ life, which was already barely holding together. It didn’t help that dad’s long truck drives left them often without him for days or full weeks and mom having to look over the sick and rebelling duo while completely not utilizing her education as the lawyer.

Over the years, their parents started bickering more and more which lead to a divorce when they were in 7th grade. After a painful divorce process and disagreements over parental rights, Kate moved out to live with her mother, while Gz stayed with the father. Shortly after, mom’s new romantic interest brought ladies back to the US, Melissa’s homeland.

Spoilers ahead, might wanna skip for now if you want to read only what your character knows

Kate’s Commodore 64 was the only real friend she had as her ‘new kid’ status combined with language barrier and inhaler made her a bit of an outcast. Besides studying, which she excelled at due to her extra good memory, she spent a lot of evenings coding or simply spying her schoolmates via social media, later even breaking into their accounts.

Over few teenage years in high school though, her English became fluent and her social life flourished as her eastern European genes prevailed to be quickly recognized as one of the most beautiful girls in the class.

Getting the spotlight didn’t erase the bitterness and petty feelings she had for most of her classmates after they bullied her first two years. Using her newly obtained status and looks, she often manipulated others for her own pleasure, increase in status or revenge for things they have long forgotten.

Fondness for coding, getting into secret things and IT, in general, lead her to join MIT. She studied there for a bit more than a year but dropped out after she found a job and realized that education brought a lot of general info she already knew or wasn’t interested in. After few years in various coding and security analyst jobs, she started freelancing and later on completely dropped full-time job when she had enough contracts to keep her busy all the time.

Quite quickly she realized, that often social engineering was even more successful than just technical intervenience as systems got better, but people still stayed as the weak link. During one of the standard contract type jobs, trying out security of a medical company’s database, Kate managed to find a few links to other databases. Surprised at the linking system, she investigated them too and after managing to crack them found some surprising information on human subject experiments. Photos looked too strange to be real – fire breathing man, amphibious child, notes on them were the combination of some superhero and sci-fi movies. After grabbing all of the data, she carefully removed any of her digital presence from there and dove deep into the files she found.

Since then she’d been extra careful with her breaches, using multiple proxies, vpns and other security measures. Even creating a completely new identity in case she ever misstepped, so that it would be lead to it.
Furthermore, she started hunting jobs on things which were borderline silly or crazy in nature. Pretty much anything of the conspiracy nature as more of a hobby with very low compensation, in addition to her normal contracts. Most of them as expected would end being completely useless, but sometimes she’d catch a gem and she cherished that thrill.
Otherwise, in her free time, she enjoyed gaming, doing yoga or socializing in bars or clubs, sometimes leading to one night stands, but rarely to anything more.

After one hell of a crazy drinking night, she woke up to find a strange ring on her finger with no explanation whatsoever. It looked to her like lighting and fire swirled in it, shining, calling her. Even though a quick google search found that such stones are called Dragon’s breath Opal, a number of which she’d also ordered online, her original one seemed special, glowing brighter than others, but that might have been her bias.

Now she’s travelling back to Lithuania with the news of her father’s death. It’s been half a life since she last been there, only barely keeping contact with her brother first few years.

Kate Brzezinski

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